ReBeton – polymer concrete, a unique solution in Europe

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Over 80,000 sqm reconditioned with ReBeton

„We are used to thinking out of the box, to challenge the ordinary and to make innovations accessible to our customers and usefull to the environment.”

Asphalt Rejuvenation

“Lower costs by extending the service life!”

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We rejuvenated over 60,000 square meters of aged asphalt.

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We are proud of the fact that we can lay the thinnest layer of concrete (15 – 20 mm) with the qualities of a high class concrete.

Beton EcoServ’s mission is to provide premium services through affordable technologies. We support open communication with all our customers and collaborators. This fact, together with the professionalism and dynamism of our team, helped us to become a reliable partner.

What we do?


In over seven years of experience we have “renewed” over 80,000 sqm of concrete platforms in various stages of degradation and we have protected over 60,000 sqm of concrete with transparent polyurethane resin (lpu) or with Hydrodur (silicone resin with Silicon).

Reconditioning damaged concrete surfaces

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ReBeton – The modern, fast and ecological solution to restore the surface of degraded concrete in parking lots, industrial platforms, sidewalks, storage spaces.

Rejuvenation and fittings of cracks

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In the last two years, since its introduction on the Romanian market, we have extended the lifespan by rejuvenating over 60,000 square meters of aged asphalt.

Other Services


Earthworks are done by digging, transporting and filling. The excavation is known as the landfill, and the filling as the landfill. The embankments are used for the execution of construction infrastructures. For more details, our team is at your disposal.

Concrete platforms execution

Do you need a team to execute a concrete platform? Then we ask you to contact us. We work with very good quality materials, and our team consists of specialists who have taken part in various projects, both small and large.


Out of care for our clients’ projects, we work with the best quality materials. Therefore, our team deals with the supply and installation of paving, the work being executed “turnkey”.

Concrete coatings with LPU paint, epoxy or polyurethane floors

Whether it is a classic concrete platform, a stamped concrete platform, a concrete fence or any other concrete element, all of these can be protected from the aggressive actions of mechanical and / or chemical factors with an LPU film.


Zonal damaged concrete fixing

When the concrete is very cracked, damaged or the embankment below it is affected,

we perform the zonal repair of the concrete. Here we work with materials that have good adhesion,

high workability, stable volume, as well as a very low water permeability.


But our efforts will always go in the same direction: innovative solutions and methods – all in the benefit of our partner.

Lowering the costs of execution and exploitation, the time it takes to perform each activity and the open communication – this is what defines us.


We consistently build partnerships with our collaborators.

Always proactive, attentive to specific needs of each partner, we lay the foundations of mutual respect, of respect for the work that we do and turn each work into a repeatable experience for both parts.

ReBeton este un produs

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Simpler than expected! One of our consultants is at your disposal to support you in making the right choices for your needs.

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ReBeton – polymer concrete is a unique product both in Romania and Europe. We are proud of the fact that we can lay the thinnest layer of concrete (15 – 20 mm) with the qualities of a high class concrete


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